United Saud Industries Limited

United Saud Industries Limited is the promoter of product-oriented Industries and holds significant shareholdings in these companies. United Saud Industries Limited is commonly referred to as the United Saud Group. United Saud Industries Limited has now worked 5 Brands. Ayon Tex, United Saud Textile, Alive Genius, United Saud Energy & United Saud Global. United Saud Industries Limited has come a long way in reaching its goals by complimenting to client needs, learning real-time lessons from past projects, innovating, and partnering its project implementation process. Through major investment undertakings in all key sectors, United Saud has contributed to the country. Most of its projects have been success stories – this fact alone is enough to justify a sense of confidence in The United Saud’s future.

United Saud Industries Work’s


Touch The Future World by Alive. Alive is Search the Innovative Electronics. We focus on Smart Home Technology.


SAUD Right Source

Right Source Business Platform Based on Imports & Exports. SAUD Right Source also sourcing all category products and goods.


Schumacher Elevator

Schumacher provides full range of elevators, escalators and moving walkway, such as passenger elevator & residential elevator.


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